At the moment of my death, will any of this matter?

I recently discovered simplistic freedom after purging a majority of my belongings over the course of the last two years.  I started gender transitioning, assigned female at birth and identifying as male, got sober, packed up my stuff and moved out of my apartment, out of my town and into the country.

What’s the best way to start living simplistically?

I moved and didn’t have a place to go to but wound up in the basement of my therapists house, in a small room with a shoe box sized window on the far wall opposite the bed.  I put my stuff in a storage unit because this living situation was temporary, until I got sober, and would eventually need back. I had a lot of time to think, to stare out that small window, and also to not be with my stuff.  I didn’t miss it at all.

I had been unwilling to throw shit away for years but now found that I didn’t need it and didn’t want it.  It was just stuff, taking up space, my precious space in a new place I’m building, a new life.  What I did find was more important; friends, laughter, music, connection, honesty, and support.

I now live on the top floor of a multi-family house which I rent with two other people and have been sober for 7 months.  My housemates are great.  We share a majority of the living space but I have my room, my bed, some bookshelves, and a desk where I can work.  I have the desire to live with less but appreciate more.

My goal: to eliminate items add no meaning to my day while at the same time avoiding unnecessary purchases.  Pay credit cards down ($8,300) within the next 12 months – September 2019.  From there, start to tackle student loans.

Financial successes – Step 1, get out of debt

Categories of stuff to simplify:

  • Clothes – I now have a fully male wardrobe and am mindful about the need to purchase new clothes.  If I haven’t worn it in 6 months it will be donated.  Same for shoes – old shoes, they are worn out and no longer even fit, hats just take up space, only have one head don’t need 7 of them.
  • Electronics – Do I really need 10 chargers for??? I don’t even know what they charge.  Feeling like I might need them someday isn’t good enough.  Also, the TV is broken so get rid of it.
  • Books – This is hard because I really feel connected to some of these but will see if there are some subjects that I can donate.  There definitely are!!!  Notebooks from school… I’m sure these can go too.
  • Personal hygiene–  If I haven’t used it in months I’m not going to.
  • Art Supplies – I always think I’m going to start being creative, this will be hard.
  • Food– I don’t mind eating a repetitive diet.
My dog sleeping on the floor of my attic room.